Random Ramblings: That50mmGuy would Like to Thank…

Well, excuse me for that lame title. I am already reduced to a sick, boring blogger today since I slept 4 hours just to avoid getting late on a seminar in Manila that’s totally not related to Photography in the sense that it involves killing people. But hey, I meant every word in that title.

I would like to thank a special group that I’ve been with for like 2 years. These people have involuntarily contributed in making That50mmGuy possible, since, well, they introduced me to a very interesting field: Visual Journalism.

Who are they, you might ask? Well, it’s UST’s Official Student-Based Online Publication, TomasinoWeb! (cue: fanfare)

Well, I’d like to share some of the reasons why they made me into the person that I am today – the college dude who goes to rallies, spends 3 hours just to get the perfect photo, and then getting slightly burned in the process.

For starters, the people in this group are formed by dedicated students, who wanted to share the news to other students in the new frontier that is the internet. I’ve kinda shared that same dedication, because without them, this insane, voyeuristic-like blog wouldn’t exist in your web browser right now.

Aside from that, the people there are the kind of people that I want to be with – zany, crazy, friendly, supportive, everything that a crazy guy like me would befriend. From simple topics, like how to become a successful time-manager (which I never really did), to really insane and crazy topics (that issue regarding that neighbor org’s… oh wait, I shouldn’t say NSFW stuff here…), they made me feel welcome inside the confines of that freezing room.

They also taught me other stuff, like:

-How to become a techie. Yep, because of them, I became a tech-nerd.. Good for me, since I need it for my advertising stuff..

-How to have fun with my life, since my life is boring and static.

-How to deal with other people, which is great, because I made new friends, which I really need.

-How to deal with my ex. Yep, they were with me in my lowest days… I can still remember that time when they introduced to me a new name for her – Three Day Sale Girl… Thanks!

-How to become a better photographer.

Yes kids, a better photographer. Because of them, I was welcomed into the field of visual journalism. Although I had a stint as a photographer in the UST-ROTC’s pioneer newsletter, it was them who pushed me to become a visual journalist. Well, it was primarily events inside and outside the University, but hey, without it, I wouldn’t gain an understanding on how visual journalism works.

They literally pushed me in front of the stage, which gave birth to this nice photo.. Thanks guys!

For two years, they were with me, in good times and in bad. They supported me in whatever crazy endeavors I encountered (which brought great success), and because of that, I am greatly thankful for them.

So, on behalf of the guys who made That50mmGuy… (Oh wait, that’s just me!) Thank you for those 2 years. 🙂

Photo taken by Jan Nullas, Aka That50mmGuy, For TomasinoWeb


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