Hat Tricks and Cheap Tricks: Street Photography Shooting Methods

So here I am, sitting on my stall, giving you guys cheap tricks about street photography. If you think you’ll never benefit from the things I’ll say, just enjoy the pictures.. If not, go on, read. 😀

For one and a half to two years, I’ve been doing street photography. At first, I was what people call the “waiter”, where I stay at one spot for a minute or two, observe the scenery, whip out my camera, and shoot like crazy. Well, for starters, it’s a good thing, because it teaches you to be observant. But once you skip the hurdles and go on, you’re going to feel awkward, or worse, feel like a predator-slash-pervert waiting for it’s prey.

So, for the curious among you people, here are some methods that you can do/try if you already left that phase where you wait and shoot.

1.) Shooting from the hip.

You might see this in FPS games wherein, during the training part, the instructor tells you to “shoot from the hip.” Well, it literally means putting your gun on hip level, and then pull the trigger like crazy. Well, the same thing is done when shooting on the street, although a camera replaces that sweet G36C or that AK-47 with a grenade launcher and a red dot scope. (At this point I’m going to apologize for citing too much Call of Duty stuff… I mean, Soap died… and I cried… and…)

Anyway, one of the advantages is, you get to be a bit stealthier when doing street, but there are some ground rules to be followed. One, you should apply that lens technique where you pre-focus on a certain distance your lens and then, when the moment comes, BAM! You press the shutter and be happy on your new captured moment. Two, you should know how to frame your shots perfectly, or you’ll get “decapitated shots”.

Phone Call

This image is close to becoming a “decapitated” photo. And it’s ugly. Trust me.

When doing portrait shots, there are certain parts of the body where a crop would look good, and some parts where crops would look… well, poorly cut bodies. And when it comes to framing during a hip shot, there’s a certain chance that you’ll get a poorly framed shot. So brotip, practice more with those hip shots.

2.) Look at a different subject.

You’ll be confused on this, but in reality, it’s a really easy method when doing street. When you’re putting that small viewfinder on your eyes and press the shutter, try removing it. Have you done it? Good. Then, don’t look on your subject. Instead, look at something else in the general direction where your eyes go. Still going dizzy on what I’m saying? Well, just do what I say. 😀

Anyway, it’s getting late. Part 2 is for tomorrow. 😀 See y’all!


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