Hat Tricks and Cheap Tricks: Street Photography Shooting Methods Part 2

Hi again guys! I’m back and I’m ready to give more tips for budding street photographers. Or budding, crazy stalkers and paparazzi .

So, let’s do a recap:

1.) Shoot from the hip

2.) After shooting, look at a different thing other than the subject itself to give an impression that you’re not shooting the subject itself.

…and so, we shall go now to…

3.) Use a Decoy.

Ok, decoys. Well, if you’re still feeling shy and awkward because you think too much while shooting street, you can always ask the help of a friend to be a decoy. Or better yet, use a random person to act as a meat shield while taking pictures.

Let me explain this: Your subject is in front of you. There’s a slight chance of you getting caught. Your hands are trembling, shivering from the pressure of capturing that moment. Suddenly, a wild random dude/girl appears.

At that moment, you quickly put the viewfinder in your eye, shoot the subject while that unlucky random dude/girl acts as your decoy/meat shield, and BAM! you get a nice moment. There’s a quick warning though – with all the tension, fear, distress, etc. that’ll happen once you anticipate the moment, it is most likely that your picture will be POORLY FRAMED.

Totally unrelated to the topic, since I didn’t use a decoy on this…

4.) Do da Ninja!

Yes, this can be considered as a technique in doing street photography. As you see a decisive moment unfold in your eyes, you quickly do the things I told you a while ago (put viewfinder in eye, frame and shoot), and then calmly put back your camera at your side. 65% chance, you’ll never be noticed.

But in doing this act, one must wear the part – wear comfortable, civilian-looking clothes, etc.  Because, seriously, if one dresses up like a perv or a douchebag whilst shooting street, no one will take him seriously. Or might get hurt in the process.

Yes, I did the Ninja on this. And yes, that guy giving the stares is creeping me out…

Well, I’m all out on tips and techniques to shoot good street photographs. But here are some quick reminders to give you guys something to remember. (Also, to fill up more space on this post to make it look long enough..)

-You can use whatever camera you have to make good street photos. Remember, it’s not the camera that makes good photos, it’s the photographer itself.

-Be observant to your surroundings – it’s good because you train your eyes to see more in your subjects, and to better analyze the situation. (Ok, I guess most people won’t get this…)

-Bring your camera WITH YOU at ALL TIMES. You’ll never know when will the next decisive moment will come.

-Pack lightly – a camera, some spare batteries/CF/Memory Cards will do.

And most importantly…


OK, Part 2 is done. Enjoyed it? Wanna add more tips? Wanna bash my head with a bat? Feel free to comment! Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy the pictures.


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