Hat Tricks and Cheap Tricks: That50mmGuy’s Workflow

So, here we are in this week’s edition of Hat Tricks and Cheap Tricks [cue echo sound here], where we explore my very own workflow.

First off, let me explain the nature of the workflow. This is a systematic flow of events in which a photographer (or any visual artist) does, from shooting his subject, to publishing it to the outside world.

Now, before we start exploring this piece of… thing, let me remind you of some stuff. First, this is a flexible workflow, meaning you can add up or subtract some unnecessary steps to attain your peak performance when shooting the streets, or doing photography projects. Also, what you are doing now when doing photography is considered a workflow, so if you find something inspiring on this cheat sheet (as if that’ll happen…), you may do so. 😉

AAAAAAAND, it begins with this.

Step 1: Shooting

In this step, well, I step out of my territory and walk the streets with my DSLR. I study the environment, preset my camera for optimal use (ISO, shutter speed, etc.) and start shooting. Well, that’s pretty much it, although when I feel that what I do is not enough [cue whipping sound here], I do a second wave of shooting. And if it’s still not enough, another wave of shooting commences. And so on.

Step 2: Editing

Now, I import my freshly selected photos in-camera to my computer, where I edit them using Lightroom 3. This part’s gonna be tricky, so hang on to your trousers and see if you can catch up.

In this step (after importing the photos,) I do the following tweaks to edit my photos:

-Exposure settings (for unexposed/overexposed photos)

-Recovery/Fill Light (still for un-ex/over-ex’d photos)

-a LITTLE BIT of contrast/clarity to boost up some photos minimally


-Black and White tweaks (individual tweaking of specific colors to suit the mood of the photo)

Step 3: Saving/Storing

Now, we go to the easiest part of the process – saving and storing. Whenever I save, I do this naming style to make things easier:


That way, it’ll be easier for me to remember when did I take a certain photo. Then, I store them in my 250GB Hard Drive in my Master Portfolio folder, and I save their exact copies on my netbook. That way, if something happens on one of them, I have a safe copy on another unit, ready for more storing happiness.

Finally, we arrive to…

Step 4: Publishing

In this final step (whew!), I pick the top cherries and show them to the whole world for them to see. I start off on my Facebook page, and then share it using my personal account. Then, I’ll wait for approximately 2 weeks to put the best photos in my Flickr account.

So there we have it, my own workflow. Questions? Comments? Negative reactions on why this is my only post wherein I didn’t put up some interesting pictures? Leave them comments here! 😉


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